CCW Permit/Concealed Carry - Safety, Fundamentals and Applications 8/7/22

CCW Permit/Concealed Carry - Safety, Fundamentals and Applications - Sunday, August 7th: 10am-6:30pm

This class covers everything you need to apply for your WI CCW Permit, (currently valid in 33 states) and Much More. Not "Minimum Standards", but a Comprehensive Course. It's also accepted for Florida and Arizona permits if you wish to add those.

You'll learn more in the classroom about the When, Why, How, With What, and What to do afterwards, along with Learning and Practicing the How.

Learn to handle your handgun more safely, practically, and efficiently. You'll practice the most efficient ways to load, unload and fix common problems. LEARN AND PRACTICE the best ways to draw from concealment, while moving and from different positions. You'll do all of this safely but effectively with your real weapons, holsters, and dummy ammunition. Next you'll learn or improve your shooting skills with our Laser firearm simulators and software programs.

Our state of the art facility is equipped to make the most of your training time and give you the opportunity to learn and practice effectively but safely, helping you gain competence and confidence in your ability.

Watch Samples of what you'll do in this class:

Location: Four Winds MA
2038 S. 114th Street, West Allis
Cost: $135 p/person; $120 p/person for 2 or more members of the same household
For more information or to register, contact Sue @ 414-541-3656 or

Instructor Thomas Sipin is a retired 27-yr Police veteran with extensive "people management" and crowd control experience, instructing Martial Arts since 1972, teaching practical "personal protection" since 1976, and training Police, Security and Military personnel in "officer survival" since 1980. WI DOJ, DSPS, USCCA, NRA, ALERRT, ASP Instructor in Firearms, Tactical Response, Active Shooter, Defensive Tactics, Edged, Impact, Improvised Weapons, Pepper Spray, and Personal Weapons ("empty hands")

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