Hardened Target Personal Protection Systems

Learn Self Defense Based on Real World Scenarios From Law Enforcement Professionals

When a criminal assault occurs, the Victim is on the scene long before the Police – You are your own First Responder. At no time do we advocate the use of force against another unless that use of force is reasonably necessary and legally justified. But when the use of force against another person is reasonably necessary and legally justified, that use of force must be effective. Against a serious and motivated attack the most effective option is not to defend, but to take out the threat. The purpose of the Hardened Target Program is to:

  • Help people to recognize and believe in the difference between “the Right to Defend Yourself” and “the Responsibility to do so.”
  • Understand the basic legal requirements regarding the lawful use of force in defending people and property, how to recognize and articulate “disparity of force, threat recognition and assessment, and reasonable force options.”
  • Show people how to develop not just awareness – but determination.
  • Teach people how to develop power through using basic body mechanics and movement.
  • Introduce techniques that are effective: Easily learned and retained by the average person, easily performed under conditions of high stress and in different environments, with a high and proven success rate.
  • Provide an instructional template that leads people to develop strong techniques, combinations that make use of natural movement, able to perform these combinations in the air – on pads and on padded people, stationary – moving and under increasing pressure – to “program in” an emotional response, until the person is able to disregard planned combinations and just hit with physical and emotional intensity from different positions and angles with one purpose – to stop the threat.
  • Be able to articulate their actions – “debrief” afterward
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WEDNESDAY, MAY 12, 2021 from 6:30pm - 9:00pm

This class will work on unarmed striking, short impact tools (flashlights etc.) and striking from the ground.

Location: Four Winds MA, 2038 S. 114th Street, West Allis
Please pre-register @ 414-541-3656 or 4windsma@gmail.com

Hardened Target Personal Protection Systems include training with firearms, edged, impact, improvised weapons, pepper spray, and the "personal tools" you were born with, along with the lawful and ethical considerations in their usage.

For pictures from previous classes, Click Here https://bit.ly/2oHjY8E

THURSDAY, MAY 20, 2021 FROM 6:30pm - 9:00pm

There's a time to talk, there's a time to "not talk". It's Always a time to pay attention to your surroundings.
There's a time to plan, there's a time to act. Sometimes there's very little time for either one.

What the camera sees, is what you see. What you see, is what you know. What could/should you say? What could/should you do? Now is your chance. Now is your deadline.
What Did you do? Did it work? If so, can you now explain what you did in a way that won't get you into more trouble?
Find out. Learn. Practice. Train.

In safety, using our SIRT Laser handgun simulators and Video Training programs.
Cost: $35 p/person
Current FWMA students: $20 p/person
Class size is limited. Must have some prior training.
Location: Four Winds MA
2038 S. 114 Street, West Allis
For more information or to register, contact Sue @ 414-541-3656 or 4windsma@gmail.com

WEDNESDAY, MAY 26, 2021 from 6:30pm – 9:00pm  

You can't control all situations you will be in. What you can control are the options you have with you. What we do is show you and train you with the most effective and available tools to make You more dangerous in bad situations.

There are advantages and disadvantages to any "tool", tactic etc., starting with - if it's available -  if you know how to use it -  and if you're willing to use it.
This class integrates the use of edged weapons into the HT curriculum. Note* For further information on this course, please contact us. Class size is limited and may be restricted.

For pictures from other previous classes, Click Here

Firearms, edged, impact, improvised, pepper spray, and the "personal tools" you were born with, along with the lawful and ethical considerations in their usage, are all part of the Hardened Target program.



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